• You LOVE to shop but confidently selling your products and services is not a HOT topic.

• Your career is in an extended stall pattern.

• You have it going on…on the outside but are plagued with self-worthiness issues within.

• You lack fundamental sales experience and think that’s what’s holding you back.

• You have fear around raising your rates, asking for a raise and are frustrated at slow gains.

• You are transitioning out of corporate and would like to package and sell your expertise.

• You’re tired of settling and are ready to live the life of a High Valued Woman.


There isn’t some undisclosed, 007-style secret code to selling that is keeping you from world-class achievement.

How To Increase Your Net Worth, Self Worth And Feminine Power



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  • The mindset reality check that will raise your wealth consciousness and increase your Self Worth (Fabulous news: It doesn’t matter if you’ve been stuck at the same rate or haven’t asked for a raise in years).
  • How to craft “The World’s Sexiest Message” (the allure of your product/service) with words so persuasive your ideal clients feel like your reading their mind.
  • How to eliminate the fear of selling and experience more authenticity, ease and excitement when talking about your product/service.
  • A simple way to close anyone, confidently while elegantly side-stepping objections.
  • What to say during salary negotiations (take my script and confidently strut into the boardroom).

The Tres  Way To Create An Income Breakthrough

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with a reputation for successful outcomes.

My experience with SellingINStilettos® and particular its founder, Ungenita Prevost, has been immensely beneficial, not just as a female entrepreneur, but as a human being. Ungenita is positive energy; you can’t help but feel uplifted after a session with her. SellingINStilettos® is a great extension of that positive support. It’s rare to see a business based on helping women succeed in what statistics from the 2016 World Economic Forum prove is still very much a man’s world. Parity in the workplace has yet to be achieved by women on a global scale. The best chance women have of financial freedom and independence is to walk the entrepreneurial path. SellingINStilettos® and Ungenita Prevost can help any woman be successful in any business. Period.”

Dr. Rebecca Housel, The #PopCultureProfessor™ CEO of Soul Arrow Entertainment

“What I love most about Ungenita is how she coaches with as much love as toughness. She’s not going to let you continue with your story that’s been holding you back, but she’ll give you all the tools you need to move forward with confidence and clarity. She models action, integrity, authenticity and service in a way that does not suffer for all the ‘shoulds’ that are out there. If you want someone who can help you get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from your success and who can help you do it quickly, Ungenita is the one to help you!”

Catherine Cassidy, CEO Ustyled Washington, DC

Ungenita Prevost helped me bring my brand to fruition and package/sell my expertise. From creative direction, copywriting and designing my offers. She assisted me with the critical pieces that we often miss when launching a brand. Having a brand that you (absolutely) love and fits you like a glove is priceless. I highly recommend her program Branding Fit For A Goddess. I’m so glad I made the investment!”

Beverly Harris, Lifestyle Consultant, Beverly Hills, CA

“I worked with Ungenita in her private coaching program for approximately 3 months during the launch of my new product line and in that time frame, Ungenita assisted me with business development, strategic planning and helped me set clear benchmarks. Ungenita is easy to work with, she pushes you past your comfort zone, but never in a pushy or obnoxious way. I would highly recommend her as a business coach.”

Dr. Teri Dourmashkin, Creator of La Vie Celeste Skin Care, New York, NY

“I met Ungenita about a year ago when I was just a few months into owning my own beauty business.  One of the first things she said to me was that I was so much more than how I was presenting myself . . .  and she was right!  Although I have more than 20+ years’ experience in the medical & beauty fields, I did not even know what to call myself until Ungenita got a hold of me. I was having such difficultly knowing how to package myself or even what services I was offering.  Ungenita offered to help coach me and she did not give up on me until I finally got tired of struggling enough to sign up for some coaching.  In just one session with Ungenita I have had a complete mindset makeover!  It’s like a light switch got flipped and I can now see what was in front of me the whole time.  She helped me to see the vast knowledge I possess, the value I can offer to clients and most importantly how I can profit from all my efforts.  Ungenita is both intuitive and intelligent and what she offers is priceless.”

Tara Terino , Leading Anti-age Expert/Beauty Consultant Santa Barbara, CA

Marvelous Ungenita,

I purchased your Frazzled To Fabulous coaching CDs about a month back. I started applying the techniques from your Mindset Makeover Training and within 24 hours here’s what happened.  I’ve received calls out of the blue from clients I haven’t worked with in at least a year wanting to rehire me and I got the strangest email from someone I went to high school with who said he googled me, works in television, and wants to hire me for a job (travel covered as well)! How bizarre and amazing is that!!! I knew you would appreciate it and I wanted to let you know how the tools of your program are changing my life now. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Victoriously…”

Heather Schnell, Pro Make up Artist Orlando, Florida

I had a wonderful experience working with Ungenita on copy for my brand. She is a copywriting genius. I felt like she really ‘got it’ and had a lot of fun creating messages that aligned with not only my brand, but my niche. Ungenita is really passionate about what she does and she takes on projects like they are her own, not just a ‘client.’ She pretty much rocks. I definitely recommend her if you want to add some flair to your brand and capture your unique voice.”

Sarah Nehamen, Designer, Children’s' Art Teacher and Awarded Inventor, Los Angeles, CA

It is amazing the power of intention – May 11th 2011 I attended your Hot and Sexy Money Mastery Workshop where I set my intentions to be out of Corporate in 2 years on the back of my passion business and here it is 1 month shy of 2 years and it is done. So much growth in the last 2 years, so many new fabulous women in my life and the future is the brightest possible ever in my life. Thank you, it really began with your yearlong coaching program. I am truly grateful and appreciate your role in my life.”

Bobbie Casalino-Lewis, Personal Stylist Los Angeles, CA

Ungenita Prevost writes words that sell. She is the “Messaging Queen”.  I wanted a name for my brand that would stand out. She took my concept and put it into words. I wanted people to get me and my mission and Ungenita delivered – fast, on time, with spot-on messaging.  3 years later ’The Love You Revolution’ is now a recognizable brand, most recently featured on Today, and my sales have increased dramatically because my brand message attracts the tribe I created my line for.”

Micaela Passeri , Inspirational Fashion Designer Florence, Italy

“I walked away with a monetization strategy after my Business Makeover session with Ungenita, including easy-to-follow action steps to guide me along the way! Her enthusiasm is a breath of fresh air and has inspired so many other ideas for me to explore. If you’re looking to grow your beauty/fashion business, I highly recommend working with Ungenita – she’ll bring an amazing amount of value to your business!”

Grace Gold , TV Host/Leading Beauty Expert New York, NY

My Brand fits me like a glove. As a single mom of two sons diagnosed with autism I created an Advocacy production company, Autism Media. By defining my target market under the guidance of Ungenita Prevost, it led to the creation of a successful documentary that was nominated for a 2013 Africa Movie Academy Award. I attracted speaking engagements, media exposure and opportunities to lobby on behalf of legislation that benefits the Autism Population. I also found my voice in the world of Social Media. I’m currently working on my second film, expanding my business and launching an Advocacy Series! And I’ve only just begun!”

Vana Thiero, Advocacy Filmmaker, Los Angeles, CA

“It’s been about 5 years since I completed Ungenita Prevost’s training program Frazzled To Fabulous. My business has increased since that year dramatically!! She helped me to define my niche, package and sell my expertise as a Pro Makeup Artist in production which helped me to bring in a steady stream of clients to this day.”

Jacqueline Menconi , Pro Make Up Artist/Wellness Expert New York, NY

“With a successful business spanning 20+ years, I knew it was time to incorporate digital marketing and innovative strategies and Ungenita Prevost came highly recommended. She helped my firm with implementing a new marketing strategy and gave us social media tutorials which have helped us reach a larger demographic and grow our business immensely. I’ve since referred her to many of my colleagues who rave about the results they received working with Ungenita.”

Susan Cohen, Interior Designer, Santa Monica, CA

“One of the hardest things for a new entrepreneur is knowing who you’re meant to serve and how to find them. For me, this was one of the most profound lessons Ungenita taught me in her program Frazzled To Fabulous. I’ll forever be grateful to her for this as it has helped me both in the corporate world where I play and as an entrepreneur.”


Barbara Onianwah, Brand Manager Lagos, Nigeria

“By working with Ungenita I built not only my confidence but my marketing skills – which resulted in many more bookings. I exceeded my sales goal for the day by over 50%. I really appreciate the guidance and coaching she provided and I would (and have) highly recommend her to anyone looking to build a business!”


Jennifer Membreno, Pro Makeup artist, New York, NY

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